Hangry Candles on Faire

Hangry candles on a gift shop store shelf.


Great addition to the shop!
I find that these candles are the perfect balance of entertaining and practical! My customers love the unique smells and can. And I find both men and women are interested in owning which doesn't always happen with candles. This is my second shipment from them and I'm already plotting out my next!
- Katie (The Rose Gift House and Coffee)

Candles that smell so good, you want to eat them!
Our favorite candles for sure!! They really smell like what they say they are. We love Hangry candles!
- Misty (Rockridge Country Market)

OMG the scents are amazing and everyone LOVES the packaging.
- Jeff (Seas The Day Supply)

So happy with my order!
Great shipping time and packing wasn't an issue! I sold out of these candles in 2 days!! I can't wait to place my next order!
- Quinncie (Plants By Q)