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Hangry Candle Co.

Bigfoot Repellent

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The Bigfoot Repellent candle, nestled in our signature 10-ounce soup can with an easy-to-use pull-top lid. Embrace the outdoors with confidence and a touch of whimsy, accompanied by the comforting scent of citronella.

Crafted to ward off legendary creatures and create a serene outdoor ambiance, this candle offers more than just flickering light—it promises peace of mind. Whether you're camping under the stars or enjoying a backyard barbecue, let the citronella fragrance help keep beasts at bay.

And here's the best part: our 100% Money Back Guarantee ensures your peace of mind. If any member of your party encounters a Bigfoot and presents evidence along with proof of purchase, our dedicated investigator will provide a full refund. It's our way of ensuring you can venture outdoors confidently, armed with a candle that not only illuminates but protects.

So light up your adventures with the Bigfoot Repellent candle and let its citronella charm transform any outdoor setting into a haven of tranquility.

Scent Profile: Citronella

  • 10oz Candle in a Novelty Soup Can
  • Pull Top Lid
  • 60-70 Hour Burn Time
  • Cotton Wick
  • 100% Soy Candle
  • Hand Poured
  • Made in Oregon